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At BARUCH, we are proud to offer an exceptional dining experience that combines a passion for gastronomy with a cozy and elegant ambiance.
Baruch's vast menu is inspired by travel and a love of different cultures. Our culinary delights contain fresh ingredients to bring flavor and quality to your table. Come and enjoy with us.
At BARUCH, we strive to create special and memorable moments for our guests. We are committed to quality, culinary excellence and exceptional service.
Your satisfaction is our highest priority!

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BARUCH was born in the pandemic, it was practically the result of a passion for cooking and sharing with the family, then the idea grew and revolutionized to be a restaurant, seeing the way people eat and enjoy their food is a feeling that we are pleased to see from others.
Our restaurant combines a passion for cuisine with a cozy and elegant atmosphere, creating a perfect space to delight your senses and enjoy unforgettable moments.
At Baruch, we take pride in creating special and memorable moments for our diners. We are committed to quality, culinary excellence and exceptional service. We remind you to enjoy a unique dining experience at BARUCH restaurant in Riobamba.



Our mission at Baruch Restaurant is to delight our diners with an exceptional dining experience, offering creative and tasty dishes prepared with fresh and high quality ingredients. We strive to provide impeccable service in a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere, where every detail is carefully considered to meet our customers' expectations. We seek to be recognized as a reference in the culinary scene, offering a unique and memorable proposal for those looking to enjoy an exceptional meal.



Our vision at Baruch Restaurant is to become the preferred gastronomic destination both locally and regionally. We strive to be recognized as a benchmark establishment in the field of haute cuisine, standing out for our culinary creativity, impeccable presentation and exceptional service. We seek to offer an unparalleled dining experience that awakens the senses and delights our diners, making us a place to go for those seeking unique flavors, personalized attention and a welcoming atmosphere. We aspire to be a restaurant that inspires and generates memorable moments for our customers, and to continue innovating and evolving in the world of gastronomy.

Featured Dishes

The food served at Baruch is healthy and delicious. We use fresh ingredients and can accommodate any dietary requirements. Check out our delicious menu and contact us to make a reservation.

Bolones con Queso

Bolons with cheese

Alitas a la barbecue

Barbecue wings

Hamburguesa Super Baruch

Super Barucha Burger

Start your day with a Baruch breakfast

Start your day with a delicious meal or a coffee on the house.

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In-house chefs

At the heart of the kitchen, two exceptional chefs bring to life an unparalleled dining experience. With masterful skills and a unique culinary style, these talented chefs fuse tradition and innovation in every dish. Their dedication and perfectionism are perceived in every detail, transporting diners to a world of captivating flavors and culinary delight. Together, they create a culinary symphony that blurs the senses and leaves an indelible mark on the palate of those fortunate enough to have the pleasure of tasting their creations.

Life is made to live it, do what you like. We are Baruch Restaurant.

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Av Pedro Vicente Maldonado
y Juan Romualdo Navarro.



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Av Pedro Vicente Maldonado
y Juan Romualdo Navarro.

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Fridays - Saturdays 8am - 10pm

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